3 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Have you tried online shopping? Did you love the experience? Well, if you haven’t tried online shopping, you are going to love this article. If you have also had a bad experience doing shopping online, this post will change your view. It is fun shopping online since you only find what you want with just a click of a button. 

You don’t need to move from your couch to get what you need. All you need is to order and every item will be delivered directly to your doorstep. The only bad experience is when you order for something and it isn’t delivered as expected. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, it received close to 300,000 internet theft accusations in 2016. So, your joy of shopping online could be turned into grieve by fake companies. 

If you are going shopping today, don’t make payment before you read these top tips on safe online shopping. 

Shop on trusted sites

The first safety precaution when it comes to shopping online is finding a trusted site where you can do your shopping. Not every site that claims to be a shopping site is to be trusted. Ensure the website where you want to shop is not fabricated by other businesses that are only interested in stealing your credit card information. That is why it vital to shop with trusted online businesses.

One way to find out about their credibility is to check reviews. You can also ask friends who have used the website before to tell you if the site can be trusted. By doing this, you will avoid the headache of being scammed. 

Create strong passwords

A person can log into your account if he manages to get your password. That is why you should lock the account with a strong password. You can have a strong password by doing the following;

  • Avoiding the use of words which get from your dictionary
  • Make use of a mixed set of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers
  • Do not utilize the same password on many accounts even if it is strong This could result in access of all your accounts in case there is a data breach at a single company.
  • Avoid using personal information which other people can guess or find like your kids, favorite color or birthday dates.

Ensure you also don’t share your password with anyone else.

Be careful on emails

Scammers now target people by sending them emails that can extract your information like passwords to the sites you shop. For example, you could have an email saying redeem your special offer. However, if you check carefully, this is not the day that the company offers special offers. That is a red flag. Therefore, you should not click emails from an unknown source or unrecognized sellers. This might end up infecting your machine – take a look on this article about how to online shopping.


Safe online shopping starts with you. Take precautions by avoiding clicking on suspicious links. Also, ensure you check your statements frequently.